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Dalhousie school fun lunch
mucho burrito at Dalhousie school fun lunch
Boston Pizza at Dalhousie school fun lunch
dalhousie school fatburger  funlunch
saucy bread company fun lunch
opa fun lunch
Booster Juice
subway at Dalhousie school fun lunch
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Fun lunch isn't just the most wonderful time of the week...

it is also one of our successful ongoing fundraisers!


If your child not will be at school on Fun Lunch Day...

Please email us by 11:00am

To let us know if you will be:

1) picking it up

2) having it sent home with a sibling or

3) donating it to the staff to help curb waste.

Thank you!!

Volunteer to help with Fun Lunch to the end of this year

Volunteer to help with Fun Lunch starting in January

Dalhousie school fun lunch

Kids love having a special fun lunch, and parents

love having a break from making lunches. 


And... a portion of every order goes directly

towards exciting school activities! Win/win!


If you haven't already signed up:

Head to 

Click the “register student account" button

Fill in the easy form and then type in Dalhousie School

to see what's coming up and place an order.

Dates and restaurants are listed and you can

order for as many or few times as you would like. 


For Kindergarten students, please ensure that

you order for the correct day and that your

child is at school.


If you have any questions please

send us an email!

Dalhousie school fun lunch

February 14

Subway & Booster Juice

Order by Feb. 9

February 20

Tim Hortons

Order by Feb. 15

February 28

Coco Brooks

Order by Feb. 23

March 5

Boston Pizza

Order by Feb. 29

March 13


Order by Mar. 8

March 19

Subway & Booster Juice

Order by Mar. 14

April 2

Mucho Burrito

Order by Mar. 28

Dalhousie school fun lunch

April 10


Order by Apr. 5

April 16

Subway & Booster Juice

Order by Apr. 11

April 24

Coco Brooks

Order by Apr. 19

April 30

Tim Hortons

Order by Apr. 25

May 8


Order by May 3

May 14

Boston Pizza

Order by May 9

May 22

Subway & Booster Juice

Order by May 17

Dalhousie school fun lunch

May 28


Order by May 23

June 5

Tim Hortons

Order by May 31

June 11

Coco Brooks

Order by June 6

June 19

Fatburger & Booster Juice

Order by June 14

June 25

Subway & Cinnaholic

Order by June 20

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