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Parent Council would like to invite you to attend our seminar, April 23, presented by Dr. Michelle Kincade of Evolve Psychology.

Tickets are free - however we will need to limit capacity to the event so please grab yours as soon as possible!

Please note - this event will not be recorded and will only be an in person event.

Feel free to share with families considering on attending Dalhousie School in the future as well. 

Dr Kincade will be discussing the response to the global COVID 19 pandemic created unprecedented disruptions in the lives of all who lived through it.  Perhaps none were more dramatically impacted than the young children and youth who faced profound academic, social, emotional and behavioural changes that most certainly shifted the course of typical development.  Although children and youth are often optimistically described as being remarkably resilient, those who experienced the impacts of the pandemic response during crucial phases of their young lives may not have emerged as unscathed as we might hope.  


Dr. Michelle Kincade will join us for a discussion of the types of challenges she sees on a regular basis for children and teens in her clinical psychology practice and will highlight some of the important differences she has observed in the post-pandemic times.  She will discuss suggestions for how parents, schools, and communities can identify problematic patterns and also how they might work toward helping young people move forward through these challenges.  Finally, she looks forward to an active discussion in which parents can openly share their concerns, challenges, and successes.


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