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Playground Update

Thank You!!!!!

The playground is FULLY  FUNDED!!

Ladies and Gentlemen -


Allardyce Bower Foundation,

Rotary Club Of Calgary Downtown

and EFW Radiology

who in the past two weeks have made incredible donations

and have helped us achieve our fundraising goal

and we are now FULLY FUNDED!!! 


This playground team has been working tirelessly to be awarded

grants that were desperately needed in our eleventh hour.


This has been a long 3 years of hard work, huge amounts of donations,

hundreds of hours of grant writing, events, Casinos, 50-50's.

We want to thank everyone who has given their time,

their money and their efforts to make this become a reality.


We would especially like to thank our Playground Team of ~

Amber L, Kristi M, Lindsay L, Sara F and Jaime K

for being a contributing force behind this feat!!

None of this would have been possible without you ladies!!!

Removal of old playground is May 21, 2024!!!

We hope to start building in June.

The Dalhousie School Playground Build had been a topic of conversation for at least 10 years, we knew the old structure had to go. There were some attempts early on that didn’t launch.


In the fall of 2021, when we were given notice from the CBE that it has reached its maximum life expectancy, the project was put into full gear. Jamie K began spearheading the playground committee gathering designs and applying for grants.


In 2022, Sara F took over and reached out to several sources that helped gain serious traction. 


In fall of 2023, Lindsay L agreed to see us across the finish line with the amazing help of Kristi M and Amber L who have been our amazing Grant Writers  - a skill with a vertical learning ‘curve’ - and they have been incredible. All of these women have been paramount in this venture of getting the playground built.  

(This project has been going on so long that Sara has since moved - so she won’t even get to go down the slide - and this is Lindsay’s last year so she will have to come back to visit the playground she helped build.)

In terms of funding so far - we have been lucky enough to be granted permission from the AGLC to reserve our funds from our Casino held in 2021 to add it to our funds we received from the Casino we held in October 2023. Which totalled $148,082 together. 


We have also received grants from:

  • CFEP granted in August for $125,000

  • Parks Foundation for $30,000 granted in April 2023

  • $20,000 Kaltire grant 

  • $2000 granted in May 2023 from The Rotary Club

  • $9933 was raised in various 50/50’s held 

  • Over $37,000 have been donated in kind to the Calgary Parks Foundation

  • Allardyce Bower gave us $59,223.28

  • Rotary Club Downtown gave us $20,000

  • EFW gave us $5,000  

Every dollar helped.  We are grateful for your donations. 

Thank You!!!!!

Here is the winning design for the new playground. 

From Park and Play Design

Screenshot 2024-04-21 at 6.27.45 PM.png
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