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Let's build a new playground!

Removal of old playground is May 20, 2024!!!

If you would like to donate directly to the project you can do it anytime.

The Calgary Board of Education standards for the lifespan of a playground is 20 years.

There are components of the existing playground which have already been removed due to un-safe standards.

Why are we
building a new playground?

Our current playground is 22 years old.

Next Steps.

Our goal is to build in summer 2024.

Fundraise, fundraise, fundraise! Donate here

Current quotes from vendors coming in at $520,000.

Playgrounds are costly upfront but have a great return!

We hope to include rubber surface as opposed to gravel.

We are open to in-kind donations as well as monetary ones.


Access to community grants.

Issues tax receipts for eligible donations.

Designs Concepts

Stay tuned!

We have some interesting concepts to share.

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